Monday, 19 June 2017

Nutanix ECP Administration (5.0) Course - Part 1

As mentioned previously on my blog post Nutanix Certification - My next steps, I have started down my next IT certification path with the Nutanix Platform Professional (NPP).

My training for this will involve getting hands-on with both Nutanix CE in my home lab and our Nutanix Cluster at work, as well as completing online Nutanix training. I have also found that others have also used the Nutanix Bible as well as the YouTube channel to supplement the training.

The first training course that I have started is the Nutanix ECP Administration (5.0) course. This course is available online for free by creating a account and requesting access by email to

The course consists of five modules which have to be taken in order. Once you complete a module the next one is unlocked. The course also has a consolidation lab as well as the NPP 5.0 exam.

To pass the exam it is recommended to complete the course as well as study the following Nutanix Technical Publications:-

  • Nutanix Command Reference Guide
  • Nutanix Setup Guide
  • Nutanix Web Console Guide
The exam consists of a random set of 50 multiple-choice questions. You are allowed a maximum of two hours to complete the exam and can attempt to pass the exam 3 times. The pass mark is 80 %.

The five modules in the course are:-
  1. Introducing the Nutanix Enterprise Cloud Platform
  2. Administering the Nutanix Cluster
  3. Getting to Know Acropolis
  4. Getting to Know Prism
  5. Maintaining the Nutanix Cluster
The first module is split into two parts, the Nutanix Product Family and Nutanix Enterprise Cloud. The module is in the format of slide shows or short videos with questions to confirm and consolidate your learning.

The Nutanix Product Family section introduces you to Nutanix, the hardware and license management. 

The Nutanix Enterprise Cloud section gives you an overview of the Nutanix platform, Cluster components (Zeus, Zookeeper, Medusa, Cassandra, Stargate, Curator, Prism). Again this section has consolidation questions.

Once completed, the next module (Administering the Nutanix Cluster) is then unlocked....

I will post more information about the subsequent modules as and when I complete them.

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