10 Oct 2023

Copy Between Azure File Share and Azure Blob Container with PowerShell


We recently had a requirement to provide a secure SFTP file area for one of our partners to transfer files. These files need to be copied between the SFTP area and an internal only file share for our internal systems to access.

We needed to find a secure way of providing the SFTP service with minimum exposure and risk to the organisation and with minimum configuration and upkeep of the solution. The solution should also be cloud first where possible to fit in with our IT strategy.

My solution to this problem was to use an Azure Functional App running PowerShell for the file copy, an Azure Blob Container to provide a managed SFTP service that has a minimal configuration overhead, and an Azure File Share configured to only allow our internal systems access.

2 Oct 2023

Perl to get Denco Aircon Status for Nagios


In my previous role working within the Infrastructure Team, one of my specialisms was monitoring using Nagios Core. The great thing about Nagios is that many different plugins exist to allow you to monitor just about anything you can think of, and if a plugin doesn't exist for what you want, its a very simple task to create your own plugin to do the job.

This is what I ended up doing in order to monitor the status of our Denco air conditioning units in our datacentre.

I modified some Perl code to scrape the web status information and alert based on the output.

You can get the code from my GitHub repository here.

14 Aug 2017

Nutanix - Hyper-V Host pending reboot check

Nutanix Prism has a neat Health check dashboard. From here you can find out what errors you have in your environment.

6 Jul 2017

Nutanix - How to Delete an uploaded Image Service File

I have recently started using Nutanix CE in my Home Lab and can say that I am really liking the product. 

I currently have a single node running on an Intel NUC (NUC6i3SYH). While this current setup is not that powerful and doesn't provide any failover capability, it does provide a nice cheap way to test and have a good play around with the Nutanix features and functionality.

Recently I have been using the Image Service to upload a few ISO images that I want to be able to mount to my VM's. One issue that I came across was that while part way through an image upload I had a network outage..... this resulted in the image partially uploading and left me with no ability to delete the partial image from within the Prism web interface.

20 Jun 2017

NSClient++ - Check McAfee Status

I wanted to have Nagios monitor the status of McAfee Virus-Scan on our servers. I wanted to ensure that I knew of any installations where the Agent, Virus-Scan, Engine or DATs were not at a version that they should be.

To that end I decided to write a bit of PowerShell code to use in conjunction with NSClient++ that we use for monitoring our Windows servers.
You can download the PowerShell script from GitHub here:-