20 Jun 2017

NSClient++ - Check McAfee Status

I wanted to have Nagios monitor the status of McAfee Virus-Scan on our servers. I wanted to ensure that I knew of any installations where the Agent, Virus-Scan, Engine or DATs were not at a version that they should be.

To that end I decided to write a bit of PowerShell code to use in conjunction with NSClient++ that we use for monitoring our Windows servers.
You can download the PowerShell script from GitHub here:-

13 Jun 2017

Nutanix Cluster is under-replicated

I've recently come across an error when trying to upgrade Nutanix Acropolis from version 5.0.1 to 5.0.2.

The error that was returned within Prism was - "Cluster is currently under-replicated".

This message occurs when the health-state of the Nutanix Cluster is on Level "warning" or "error" or the data resiliency state is not "Ok".