6 Jul 2017

Nutanix - How to Delete an uploaded Image Service File

I have recently started using Nutanix CE in my Home Lab and can say that I am really liking the product. 

I currently have a single node running on an Intel NUC (NUC6i3SYH). While this current setup is not that powerful and doesn't provide any failover capability, it does provide a nice cheap way to test and have a good play around with the Nutanix features and functionality.

Recently I have been using the Image Service to upload a few ISO images that I want to be able to mount to my VM's. One issue that I came across was that while part way through an image upload I had a network outage..... this resulted in the image partially uploading and left me with no ability to delete the partial image from within the Prism web interface.

To resolve this issue I made an ssh connection to the CVM, then changed into the Acropolis CLI by typing acli...... to see what images the Image Service knows about type image.list

To delete the partial ISO image just type image.delete <Image UUID>

Checking back in Prism or typing image.list in the acli again will show that the selected image file has now been deleted.

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